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Best travel buddy

Bernie the mini Bernedoodle came to fill the empty nest void that our dog of 14 years left behind. His socialization training. began 3 days later at the baseball diamonds watching our 10 yr old grandson. He was passed from one child to the next day after day for 6 weeks and seemed to love every minute. In the following 12 months he has developed a very large personality in a tiny little body. He loves everyone he meets, dogs big and small, cats and humans. He has yet to catch up to the birds in the yard but based on the playful stance he takes, he must think they would be great playmates as well. Bernie loves to be on the go, whether by car, boat or on the back of a motorcycle. Traveling means the wind blowing up his ears and meeting new people, especially children. Bernie had big paws to fill and his tiny feet filled them perfectly.

— The Paradis Family

The sweetest girl!

Ellie is now 11 months old, and we are so in love with her! Nate was wonderful to work with and great at communicating / answering any questions that I had. On the day we picked her up, it was easy to see how well Lucky Puppy cares for their puppies. Ellie was already very socialized and used to other dogs! Going to the bathroom in the grass was nothing new to her which made the potty-training experience so much easier! After we took Ellie to her first vet appointment our vet commented that we got her from a really great breeder and couldn't believe how thorough Lucky Puppy was. We are so grateful and would highly recommend Lucky Puppy to anyone!

— The DeBoer Family

Our boy Baxter

Our Baxter is now a little over 1yr old and he's the best decision we've ever made. He's added so much love to our family. He's the smartest, sweetest, and most handsomest boy in the neighborhood! He just loves everyone he meets and his temperament is exactly what we were looking for! The entire process was smooth and easy.

— Baxter's Dads

Auction dog

We lost our dog of 15.5 years in November of 2021. We weren't going to get another dog, but I saw that my former grade school was auctioning off a mini bernedoodle. The rest is history. Winnie has been so great! She just turned one!

— The Knoche Family

A four leaved clover. A four leaved clover.

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  • I Would Rate a 10

    Not sure where to start because my experience here was a 10. I found the perfect French Bull dog for my family. Select answered all of my questions and then took care of everything for us. He's just as they said, and we couldn't be happier with our new family member.

    Arnold C.